Bored of education — college debate edition

The full debate from which the excerpts in the above video were taken can be seen here.

Also, if you don’t think this type of performance art deserves to be called “debate,” you’re a racist.

3 Responses to Bored of education — college debate edition

  1. 49erDweet says:

    Karl Popper didn’t just turn over in his grave. He got out of his coffin, grabbed a shovel from a shed and dug his hole 30 feet deeper before crawling back in.


  2. KatyL says:

    Some students tried to start a separate ‘policy only’ debate tournament; that is, a traditional debate using bigoted concepts such as rules. Fourteen schools signed up, but they were roasted on social media for even trying to hold a traditional debate, which is, after all, rayciss. The debate was cancelled. It’s unclear whether the students apologized after being sent to reeducation camps.


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