A classic story retold

From Earl of Taint.

Little Barack Sambo is confronted by a pack of ravenous, man-eating tigers en route to play a little golf and attend fundraisers. He ignores them and, being he is not a man, the tigers ignore him too. Then they go eat a whole lot of other people while Little Barack Sambo picks up his cash money and loses 12 balls. Mrs Barack Sambo eats a restaurant and everyone flies home happy. The End.

2 Responses to A classic story retold

  1. The tigers must be liberals.


  2. Aaron says:

    It’s your blog and you are still free to post anything you care to, but you should know that this is a perfect example of providing ammo to the enemy. The race hustlers on the left look for any hint of racism on the right and if they can’t find any, they invent it until they can come across something like this. We on the right have always said that it is not at all about skin color, but the integrity, character and agenda of the person holding the office. This type of post can be used by the left to set our cause back so far that it is not worth posting even for the supposed comedic value it contains. Black people and most thinking white people will not find this to be amusing. There are many people of color on the right. What do you imagine that they draw from this post? There is so much to condemn this Marxist asshat of a President for without comparing him to Little Black Sambo, unarguably the ultimate slur and is even worse than using the word, “nigger”. I visited your blog on a near daily basis and shared many things I have found here. I can no longer in good conscience do either of those things. I can not be associated in any way with blatant racism that feeds into the narrative of the disgusting progressive liberals. You had a good thing going here. Why would you want to alienate people who visit here? It makes little sense. Obama is not a Little Black Sambo. He is currently the leader of the free world and his handlers are very powerful and wealthy. He has the power to destroy America and posts like the above illustration, afford he and his ilk more credibility in their assertions that people on the right oppose him and his policies because they are racist and feel that because he appears to be a black man, the right will never go along with anything that he tries to accomplish. Demean him for constantly lying out of his lying liar hole, but never should anybody on the right demean him over his race or skin color unless you actually do feel that his being black makes him Sambo. You are entitled to that opinion, but then you would be blogging to a bunch of bigots for no valid purpose.


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