Hero in a fur coat

I never get tired of the video of Tara the cat giving hell to a dog who dared to attack her human. Now another cat with strong protective instincts is being recognized as a hero after he rescued another little boy from his attackers — human ones this time.

This is Smudge with his human, five-year-old Ethan Fenton. Ethan was playing outside with his little brother Ashton when some older boys came along and began taunting him. Ethan tried to ignore the bullies, but they kept picking on him, and then one of them pushed him down.

When Smudge saw this, he sprang into action. He flew at the bully and pounced on him. The boy stumbled backwards, then burst into tears and ran away.

Ever since then, Smudge has been extra-protective of Ethan, even guarding his bedroom door at night. Let’s hope the bully learned an important life lesson from the experience.

(read the full story here)

One Response to Hero in a fur coat

  1. zip says:

    Good story … animals showing humans what they’re suppose to do!


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