My baloney has a first name

The bluebird of bitterness is conducting a totally scientific opinion poll, the findings of which will be completely accurate and reliable. Please answer the following question in the comment section below: Which of these two campaign commercials is worse? Is it this one for Hillary Clinton, former first lady and the worst secretary of state since Cyrus Vance…

…or is it this one, for Cherokee Princess Elizabeth Warren, who rose to prominence and wealth by claiming (without any actual evidence) to belong to a historically oppressed minority group?

If you actually managed to watch either or both of those videos, you could probably use a good strong dose of this. You’re welcome.

14 Responses to My baloney has a first name

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    Bluebird I thought “Run, Liz, Run” was the worst. Why? I didn’t like song. The song could of been jazzed up some. It miss represents the American people by saying “Americans, want the next president to be a woman.” The American people want someone who is going to do them right. They don’t want someone who is going to pull another “Obama” on them.
    I have to admit I didn’t like “Hillary for U &me” either. With as broke Hillary says she is, you would think she could afford great singers and dancer. You know me enough to know how I am a stickler for great singing and dancing, lol. The song wasn’t even catchy. The song would of been catchy if in hip hop mode, lol.
    To be honest I don’t like either women. I would not vote for them. Neither represent me or my values. Both are fake.
    Thanks for the barf bag. I really need it.


  2. PS: both are full of baloney.


  3. Thomas says:

    The music will never make it to the top of the charts. Let’s hope neither HRC nor the Cherokee Princess does, either


  4. Tough call. The peacenik strain is strong in the Hillary song. And its production values are poorer.

    But the Warren video is way too folksy, with clapping, jingle-jangling, and complains about corporations. It tries too hard to be lyrically cute. I have to vote for the Warren video, because of the loathsome hypocrisy of net hipsters adopting an old blue collar form of musical agitation as their own.


  5. Senior Blonde says:

    They are both horrible but the Warren one is worse.


  6. Beverly Pederson says:

    Warren’s was the worst. Both ran way too long.


  7. Okay, so far we have four votes for Liz Warren, and one undecided. So glad I decided to do this totally scientific poll! It’s going so well, I think I might go into the polling business.

    By the way, I sure hope all of you who voted are U.S. citizens, because if you aren’t citizens, or if you’re dead or something, it’s gonna seriously mess up my totally scientific poll. This isn’t Chicago, people. Maybe I should have asked for a photo I.D.?


  8. Citizen Tom says:

    These are so sad. Neither of these women are competent, but if a competent woman tries to run the news media will tear into her; the “progressive/liberal” crowd will use every trick in the book to destroy her. May God help Conservative women. These days it takes real courage to be a Conservative “minority” politician.

    The observation above makes Warren’s commerical the worst. The hypocrisy of “vote for the woman” is just too flagrant. After eight years of voting for Obama because he is black, we cannot afford any more such stupid bigotry.

    We have to vote for the person we honest believe can and will do the best job for our country.


  9. Morris says:

    My brain threatened suicide after only watching a few seconds of both. The delusion meter shorted out.


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