Some beautiful music for Sunday

In music, as in politics and religion, I tend to be an uptight traditionalist, which explains why I don’t care for most modern music. But I make an exception for the music of Eric Whitacre, whose compositions for voice, choir, orchestra, and various instrumental ensembles prove that “modern” does not have to mean discordant, vulgar, transgressive, profane, disturbing, or ugly. Whitacre composed “October,” a short piece for concert band, in 2000. Here it is, performed by the Emory Wind Ensemble:

Eleven years after its composition, Whitacre reworked “October” into a choral piece, “Alleluia.” Here it is, sung by a gentleman whose virtuosity and vocal range are nothing short of astonishing:

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  2. 49erDweet says:

    He does a brilliant job! That’s called “head voice” in the falsetto range, a new modern art form. He’s great!
    And to answer Citizen Tom, on Saturday night the 27th, I was privileged to participate in a 300 voice, seven choir BIG CONCERT of black gospel music. It was WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!


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