Typhoid Barry and the Centers for Disease Control and Redistribution

“In August, Science magazine published a survey conducted by 58 medical professionals working in African epidemiology. They traced the origin and spread of the virus with remarkable precision—for instance, they discovered that it crossed the border from Guinea into Sierra Leone at the funeral of a ‘traditional healer’ who had treated Ebola victims. In just the first six months of tracking the virus, the team identified more than 100 mutated forms of it.

“Yet what’s really scary is how robust the already-established transmission mechanisms are. Have you ever wondered why Ebola protocols call for washing down infected surfaces with chlorine? Because the virus can survive for up to three weeks on a dry surface.

“How robust is transmission? Look at the health care workers who have contracted it. When Nina Pham, the Dallas nurse who was part of the team caring for Liberian national Thomas Duncan, contracted Ebola, the CDC quickly blamed her for ‘breaching protocol.’ But to the extent that we have effective protocols for shielding people from Ebola, they’re so complex that even trained professionals, who are keenly aware that their lives are on the line, can make mistakes.

“By the by, that Science article written by 58 medical professionals tracing the emergence of Ebola—5 of them died from Ebola before it was published.” —Jonathan V. Last, Six Reasons to Panic

“All our radical Jihadist enemies have to do is inject tainted Ebola blood into volunteer suicide bombers, or worse, innocent children, and send them across the border. Undetectable, they walk across our Southern border showing no symptoms and surrender to U.S. border agents. Obama disperses them across the country where they sneeze or cough on their lawyers, caretakers, and classmates. It’s that easy, it’s that simple, to start a deadly Ebola Pandemic across America. …

“What if Ebola spreads to Mexico, Central or South America? Suddenly panic ensues and hundreds of thousands of their citizens (or even millions) run for the U.S. border looking for America’s medical system to save them, spreading Ebola like wildfire… into your home and mine. …

“Knowing all this, Obama does nothing. He refuses to secure the border. He sends our young military men and women into the death zone to face an invisible killer. He even purposely chooses to refuse to do something so simple and common sense as ban flights and quarantine travelers from the Ebola Zone.

“Our president is putting all of our lives, our families, our economic survival, at risk. He is gambling with our children, our jobs, the future survival of America. …

“Why take that gamble? Why risk economic suicide? Why not take all possible actions and precautions to limit the possibility of a widespread epidemic? Is Obama criminally insane? A madman? An ignorant, delusional fool? Or is he doing this purposely to overwhelm America’s economic system? Does it matter?” —Wayne Allyn Root, It’s Time to Remove Obama from Office Before He Gets Us All Killed

“What short-term risk do Americans face from infected people flying here from West Africa? Small national risk: under current policy, you might see a sick West African visitor infect one or two Americans, likely hospital personnel. And some of those infected people would die, even with good care. Second question: Why take this risk? There’s no reason to do so. The administration claims that limiting incoming travel from Liberia, Guinea, and Sierra Leone would backfire. Why do they say that?

“I’d say that it’s because they’re nuts, which is often the deep reason behind federal action. Oh, undoubtedly they’re thinking something nonsensical about the horrors of profiling black Africans, but let’s be real: we’d quarantine Sweden if they had something like Ebola, be they ever so blond, and we’d be right to do so. At the end of the day, nuts, like I said.” —Gregory Cochran, Come on in, the Plague Is Fine

“The average man on the street in, say, North Carolina or South Dakota isn’t shopping for hazmat suits and expecting a cloud of Ebola to come boiling down Main Street this Halloween, leaving a trail of corpses in its wake. They’re asking how the response could have been so confused, how the huge federal agencies charged with responding to such a crisis could have gotten everything wrong, how they could spew talking points about ‘abundance of caution’ while making ridiculously careless mistakes, such as allowing health care workers exposed to the deadly disease hop on airplanes and cruise ships without going through prudent isolation and observation periods.  Watching some of these decisions changed in mid-stream, after risk had been needlessly extended to additional people – leading to such spectacles as the cruise-ship standoff off the coast of Belize – only enhances that perception of haphazard confusion. …

“It’s the Obama Administration that dissolved into hysteria and confusion, not the American public. This is a matter of concern not just because the performance of billion-dollar agencies was so disappointing – a wound Democrats proceeded to thoroughly salt by claiming the Ebola fumbles were a result of phantom ‘budget cuts’ – but because we know more Ebola carriers are coming, and we’re hoping the next encounter goes down a lot better than the Thomas Duncan saga did. The public is looking for reassurances that lessons have been learned.

“President Obama completely misread that moment by appointing a political fixer, Ron Klain, as ‘Ebola Czar.’ If the American people had been polled on the subject last week, I doubt many of them would have said an Ebola Czar was the solution they were looking for, even if it wasn’t someone whose big previous ‘achievement’ was arranging the Solyndra debacle. Symbolic managerial positions aren’t the answer. In fact, they’re a symptom of the disease. If this gigantic, lavishly-funded government has reached the point that a new layer of executive bureaucracy must be installed to make the other bureaucracies coordinate well enough to manage a crisis that initially involved about a hundred people, it has degenerated to a terrifying level of dysfunction.” —John Hayward, Obama ‘Seethes’ over Obama Administration’s Inept Response to Ebola

“Politico released a poll revealing that 64 percent of Americans believe ‘things in the U.S. feel like they are out of control right now.’ One is left to wonder how oblivious the remaining 36 percent are – or how wedded they are to a leftist ideology that elevates political considerations above everything else.

“Nothing speaks to that reality louder the the president’s appointment of Ron Klain as “Ebola Czar.” Klain’s track record as a political operative is long and tawdry. His medical credentials? Non-existent. His and/or the administration’s level of seriousness? He either skipped, or wasn’t invited to, two high-level meetings discussing the federal response to Ebola, last Friday and Saturday.

“In the meantime, the media is once again more than willing to carry the president’s water. A CBS News report’s title gives the game away: ‘Ebola panic spreading much faster than disease in U.S.’

“Memo to CBS and all of the other leftist media lapdogs: ‘panic’ is not the operative word. Panic aligns itself with the leftist worldview, as in Americans are too stupid to behave rationally when faced with one of the deadliest viruses on the planet.

“Americans are not panicked, not nearly as much as they are angry and disgusted by an Obama administration, a Democrat Party and a mainstream media thoroughly invested in the notion that any deviation from leftist prescriptions for containment must be derived from panic and/or racism. They are rightly appalled by the plethora of unpreparedness, misinformation and outright lying that emanates from the Obama administration, seemingly on a daily basis. They are disgusted by the toxic stew of political correctness, bureaucratic incompetence and corruption that is putting their lives in unnecessary danger.

“In fact, the only real panic is coming from the left itself. They realize that all of this nonsense is occurring less than a month before the voting public gets a chance to render their verdict on the administration’s performance – along with Democrat and media support for it.” Arnold Ahlert, Americans Are Angry, Not Hysterical

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