Happy Caturday

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  1. Thanks for that, bob!

    I have some redesign plans, never started on, for our house that includes catwalks up high (not the only purpose, but would serve as that). Since the cats climb up, over, and into everything anyway. Don’t think I’d get quite as elaborate as this fellow. But I can really appreciate his work.

    I was also interested to see he uses the same red cement patio blocks for grave markers that we’ve used on our pet cemetery.

    I do wonder about the resale value of the house, eventually. But it could fetch the asking price if he found a buyer who was really into cats, too!

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    • I love his house. If it were for sale, I’d be tempted. 🙂

      As for us, we built a lovely screen porch for our cats… at least they think that’s why we built it, and they have a point, since they spend much more time on it than we do. It has a really nice wide catwalk that wraps all the way around it; that part we really did put in just for them.


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