Sixty-six years ago today

(Yes, I’m aware that the photograph above was taken on November 4, 1948, not November 2. The election that all the pollsters and prognosticators had predicted incorrectly, and most news outlets reported incorrectly, is what happened on the 2nd. I mention this to forestall snarky comments from readers eager to correct my mistake.)

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  1. Thomas says:

    And quite bad prognostication it was. Truman took 50% of the popular vote to Dewey’s 45%, and won the electoral vote 303 to 189. Strom Thurmond (States Rights Party) and Henry Wallace (Progressive Party) split most of the remaining 5% of the popular vote (almost evenly), and Thurmond took 39 EVs. In 1948, the South was still solidly Democrat, so Thurmond’s popular votes and EVs would have been Truman’s, not Dewey’s. And Wallace’s popular votes almost certainly would have been cast for Truman, if for anyone. I’m glad that polling has improved a lot since 1948 — I don’t expect an unpleasant surprise on the morning of November 5. (Fingers crossed.)

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  2. Will S. says:

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  3. “I mention this to forestall snarky comments from readers eager to correct my mistake.”

    Good one, lol.


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