Classic movies changed to not be sexist

By Blythe Roberson.

Gone With The Wind

Rhett kisses and grabs at Scarlett against her will. Scarlett informs Rhett that though they are married, she still has autonomy over her body and has the right to refuse sex. The pair ascend the staircase in thoughtful conversation, and Rhett wakes up the next morning glowing with newfound feminist awareness.


Scottie asks his girlfriend Judy to change her clothes and hair to resemble the deceased “Madeleine.” Judy tells Scottie that she dresses for herself and not for him. She realizes she has better things to do than be in a relationship with a controlling old man who isn’t actually hot and who has a weird dumb accent.

Star Wars: Return of the Jedi

Luke and Leia plan to rescue Han Solo from Jabba the Hut. Leia is captured by Jabba, and is forced to wear a normal, full-coverage prison jumpsuit.

A Clockwork Orange

The male protagonist of this film spends his evenings having consensual sex with various women. Everyone respects one another.

Saving Private Ryan

A group of women who now run the governments of all major countries work out a diplomatic agreement and avoid the anguish inherent in a world war.

Snow White

Snow White, who happens to have a real name (Theresa), tells the dwarves about being stifled by the expectations placed on her by the patriarchal structure of the kingdom’s monarchy. She earns her keep by working alongside the dwarves in the mine.

Rear Window

Socialite/fashion plate Lisa drops in to dote on her injured boyfriend Jeff, not because she is forced into this domestic role by gender norms, but out of genuine affection. Jeff thanks Lisa and asks about her fascinating job instead of talking about boring bullshit he saw his neighbors do.

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8 Responses to Classic movies changed to not be sexist

  1. Thomas says:

    Re GWTW: How sweet. I was expecting a Bobbit-like ending.

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  2. LOL! That was great fun, thanks. They did this with James Bond, part of his charm was his sexism, but in the later movies they tried to make him more egalitarian. Poof, there went all his charm 😉

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  3. Trey Willis says:

    The Clockwork Orange description made me laugh.

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  4. Will S. says:

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