Pinpricks of light amid the darkness

A former army paratrooper who is now a police officer took in two young victims of neglect and abuse. First he became their foster father, then he became their real father.

Two engineering students in Brisbane, Australia turned their van into a free mobile laundry service for homeless people.

A navy veteran in Florida came to the rescue of an elderly assault victim, and taught a valuable lesson to the punk who’d assaulted and robbed her.

A hard-working single mom in Cleveland got the surprise of a lifetime one day when she thought she was just going to work.

A couple in Omaha, Nebraska became foster parents to two little boys, whom they promptly fell in love with and adopted… and eventually ended up adopting all six of their sons’ biological brothers as well.

Two cops in Aurora, Colorado came to the aid of an elderly lady whose wallet was stolen while she was shopping for groceries, making sure she got everything that was on her shopping list and paying for it out of their own pockets.

A military couple in Newport News, Virginia responded to a lonely homeless man’s plea for a family to spend Thanksgiving with.

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  1. DeniseVB says:

    :dabbing eyes: Sweet stories, thanks. 🙂


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    This is what making a difference is all about. It is a great read.


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