YouTube commenter watches video before posting


In a nearly unprecedented act, a user at watched a three-and-a-half minute political video all of the way through before posting his thoughts about the subject in the comment section below.

“Normally, I just skim the headline and then let ‘er rip,” said the YouTube commenter, “But this time I accidentally hit the play button on my iPad, and then, for some reason, watched the whole thing.”

While he said that “3:26 seems like an eternity when you’re waiting to post your opinion,” he acknowledged that he would have written a much different comment had he not actually watched the video.

A YouTube commenter was surprised to learn this week that YouTube offers video content, along with his personal blogging platform, when he inadvertently triggered a video and watched it all of the way through.

“The main purpose of YouTube, I’ve always thought, is to give me a chance to let the world read what I think,” he said. “It turns out that YouTube also offers a platform for ideas and entertainment in video form, in addition to providing a blog space for me.”

Asked if the experience might inspire him to watch more videos in their entirety before commenting, the man said, “Not intentionally.”

By Scott Ott.

4 Responses to YouTube commenter watches video before posting

  1. LOL, oh no, that’s simply unheard of! Who would ever do such a thing?!

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  2. 49erDweet says:

    How innovative!

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  3. Mike says:

    It’s the same way he looks for work and plans for his future…

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  4. I don’t know whether to laugh or be ashamed for past sins! 😯 How about both!

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