Remember when Jerry Falwell beheaded that cartoonist who insulted him?

Yeah, me neither.

Jonah Goldberg comments:

We’ve posted a lot of incredibly stupid sound bites from MSNBC and other places around here, but I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a dumber exchange. I don’t know who the guy is making the astoundingly obtuse comparison between Jerry Falwell and a bunch of cold-blooded murderers but, as incandescently stupid as that analogy is, it’s eclipsed by Wagner’s smug, knowing nods as he talks. If I follow her response correctly, she’s saying that we focus on anti-Muslim blasphemy disproportionately because it is so much more “controversial” and “incendiary.”

Well, uh, yes. I guess that’s true. But the reason mockery of Islam is more controversial is because people get killed over it! To compare Falwell’s lawsuit to these murderers isn’t just astoundingly, jaw-droppingly, stupid. Doing so misses just about every important moral, legal and factual distinction that one can miss. But Wagner doesn’t think that’s good enough. She had to take it a half-step farther and really emphasize how unfair it is that people make it seem like only Muslims are thin-skinned about such things. […]

I was never a huge fan of Falwell’s, but I always thought his lawsuit had some merit, and was at least understandable in human terms. Also, for what it’s worth, I don’t think it had much to do with his religion. He filed a personal defamation lawsuit, I’m pretty sure. But here’s the thing: When he lost the lawsuit you know what he did? Nothing. Oh I’m sure he griped about it. Wouldn’t you? What he didn’t do was lead a goon squad to Hustler’s offices murder Larry Flynt and his staff. That’s a pretty meaningful distinction, I think.

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  1. What A Hoot says:

    Exactly! Falwell did not sue because his God was defamed! Which is why he was going after personal defamation. His business was given credibility based on his behavior and words and their story damaged his business and ability to make profits. I was never a fan of the guy, either and I am not defending him here but blowing holes in the logics that Falwell and the terrorists are on equal footing with their “frustration”. One used the path of rule-of-law, the others choose the extreme opposite.

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  2. Will S. says:

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  3. I wonder where these reporters get their material. I keep thinking bubblegum machine but all I get from the machine is gum no make up info. The bubblegum machine must be partial to liberals or the liberals aren’t taking their meds.

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