Obama mulls plan to ban ‘nearly all’ trigger fingers

From ScrappleFace.com.

(2015-02-27) – Just days after the BATF alarmed 2nd Amendment proponents with a plan to outlaw certain AR-15 ammunition, sources in the White House say President Obama is mulling regulations to ban nearly all trigger fingers.

Caught Red-Handed: This trigger finger, like countless others nationwide, is the leading cause of gunfire in the U.S. – – a prime reason behind Obama’s planned ban.

“Guns don’t kill people, trigger fingers kill people, ” according to a leading expert. “In nearly all shootings, police finger the trigger finger as the proximate perpetrator.”

”The president knows that banning firearms is a non-starter with Republicans and many Democrats,” said an unnamed White House source, “but the finger lobby is relatively small and not nearly as influential as the gun lobby…although it does have a strong digital presence.”

By Scott Ott.

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  1. LOL, well there you go, our government brilliantly solving problems once again. 😉

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