The best part of waking up is white guilt in your cup

For further enlightenment:

Starbucks CEO Imposes His Racial Hangups on America, by John Nolte

Does Starbucks Want an Honest Conversation? by Mona Charen

Dear Liberal Racists at Starbucks, by Kira Davis

The Broader Problem with Starbucks’ Racialism, by Jon Gabriel

Racial Trouble on Starbucks Island, by Heather Wilhelm

Coffee, Tea, or a Frank Discussion on Race? by Jonah Goldberg

With Race Together, Starbucks Is Using the Worst of Evangelical Practices, by Mollie Hemingway

12 Responses to The best part of waking up is white guilt in your cup

  1. It is cheaper to stay at home and drink one’s coffee. You don’t get slimed by talked that is one sided on race and you don’t get clubbed by white guilt. Ahhh, sweet peace, lol.

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  2. Thomas says:

    It’s a good thing I never go to Starbucks. If I did I’d probably get arrested for assaulting a smarmy barista.

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  3. bob: “It’s hard to boycott a business I never patronize!”

    This is a problem for me on boycotting many things. I’d have to start to stop.

    While under the right circumstances, I will drink practically any swill, I’ve been a coffee connooser (not quite snob, though, I hope) since before there was a Starbux. Theirs is just not a flavor I savor.

    Great collection of posters + video on their silly social fail. Nice work.

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  4. BTW, Milady says to compliment you on your Spring background.

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  5. Citizen Tom says:

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    What distinguishes Conservatives from Liberals? Liberals actually think we can elect somebody competent to run our lives. Therefore, when Barack Hussein Obama confidently made a bunch of promises he could not or should not keep, Liberals come out in droves to vote for him. Of course, many were also inspired by white guilt. So I suppose we should not be surprised that white guilt continues to inspire foolish behaviour.

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  6. […] The best part of waking up is white guilt in your cup […]

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  7. Will S. says:

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    LOL! 🙂

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  8. ColorStorm says:


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