Dog days of summer

A woman was relaxing on her porch one afternoon when a very tired-looking dog wandered into her yard, lumbered up the porch steps, sank down, and promptly fell asleep.

About an hour later, the dog got up and walked away.

The next day the dog was back. It wearily climbed the steps, lay down on the porch, and fell asleep.

This happened several days in succession. One day the woman attached a note to the dog’s collar that read, “Every afternoon your dog comes and takes a nap on my porch.”

The following day, the dog arrived with a different note pinned to its collar: “He lives in a home with eight children. He’s just trying to catch up on his sleep.”

4 Responses to Dog days of summer

  1. I feel that way sometimes. 🙂

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  2. alec says:

    Love these stories. Thanks!

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