I can’t give you anything but lunch

If you’re unlucky enough to be an inmate student at a public school in the United States that adheres to First Lady Michelle Obama’s dietary standards, you have my sympathy. Take a look at what students around the world are getting in their school lunches:










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  1. Linda Lee says:

    Seriously? I should keep up with the news.

    No, wait, I don’t need to go to that extreme. I have the Bluebird of Bitterness to keep me informed. 😀

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  2. Zip-a-Dee says:

    btw Like your new background! Lovely!

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    • I’m one of those lazy bloggers who never gets motivated enough to update my theme, so I make up for it by periodically changing my background. 😉

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      • Zip-a-Dee says:

        I don’t see that the theme needs to be updated … might throw us off thinking we’re on the wrong blog!
        Btw I like your quotes and thoughts of the day. The other day you presented Corrie ten Boom that was a good one. Todays are too. If you do up date your site it might be good to make those stand out a bit more – I’d been missing them until recently. And that’s my focused laziness!

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  3. grayjohn says:

    The Wookie hates your children.

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  5. Every one of those lunches looked so hearty and delicious! I really like the local-ethnic variety. Food that local kids think is “normal” like French brie, Greek dolmadesl, Ukranian borscht(?), and Korean kim-chee(?) would’ve been weeeird to young me in public or private school even ‘way back in the good old days. We just had hamburgers, spaghetti, pizza Wednesdays, mystery meat Thursdays, just standard American fare. But hearty.

    Weep for the malnourished generation. The pathetic American lunch wouldn’t keep a bluebird alive.

    Speaking of which, I ran across a picture you might not have seen but might want to. 😀

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    • Love the picture — it might be good one for my annual “first day of winter” post. 😉

      As for school cafeteria food, I have to admit my experience with it is pretty minimal. The school where I was imprisoned from K-8 didn’t have a cafeteria; everyone brought lunches from home. My high school had a cafeteria, but my parents refused to pay the forty cents a day that a school lunch cost, so once again I had to schlep my lunch from home. In college I was forced to continue living with my parents, much to my chagrin, and once again the cost of cafeteria meals was prohibitive, meaning that I had to run home between classes if I wanted to eat. So most of what I know about school lunches comes via those who experienced them at first hand.

      I’m sure the ethnic dishes in the non-U.S. lunches pictured above would have seemed exotic, even bizarre to me as a child; I was not known for being adventurous when it came to food, not that the opportunity presented itself very often. Today I would gladly try any one of them — in fact just looking at them is making me hungry.

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  7. Tchhht!!! says:

    Well, I understand that school lunches are awful in our public schools but something about those photos doesn’t pass the sniff test. The first eight images supposedly come from different countries yet the trays are identical, and the table surface appears to be identical as well. Could it be that some supermarket deli worker was just trying to make a point? If so, I think he/she succeeded.

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    • Yes, I noticed the identical lunch trays and countertops as well. My best guess is that someone collected school lunch menus from various locales, then had a professional food stylist do mockups of the lunches for the camera.


      • Tchhht!!! says:

        Too bad they didn’t also think to do mockup of what Obama’s kids get for lunch at Sidwell Friends. Here is what they had for lunch today…

        Summer Vegetable Soup
        Baja Corn Salad
        Grape Feta Salad
        Cheese Tortellini with
        Farmer’s Market Marinara
        or Pesto Cream Sauce
        Sautéed Broccoli
        Garlic Bread
        Local Cantaloupe

        Prepared by gourmet chefs I understand.

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