Even more advertisements from long, long ago

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  1. Linda Lee says:

    Takes me time traveling…

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  2. Most of those ads just induced m/l nostalgia, or a smile, but I yelped out loud when we got to the Clairol Air Brush. All that hair! And those teeth!


    For some reason, this made me think of you, bob:

    CBS:DC: A recent study reveals that birds can fall in love.

    Ha! You don’t have to tell Great Uncle Norbert and Great Aunt Phyllis!

    Seems there’s been a change in the background lately. I’ve been meaning to compliment you on it. Today, I happened to bring up a bob page on the big screen at a small resolution, so we saw a big bunch of the background. Milady Webworker was appreciative, so I thought I’d pass that along. She was also amused by bob’s childhood home.

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    • Thanks! That background was a lot of fun to make. As you know, I’m a compulsive collector of pictures of all kinds of animals, although cats and birds probably account for two thirds of the total. Sometimes my files get so full of pictures that I just have to do something with them.


  3. Zip-a-Dee says:

    I think B.o.b’s stepbrother Herbie was brainwashed by these smoking ads! Some fun one! The ‘skinny’ girl one – no problem today!

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