The newest microaggression: Halloween costumes

From iOwnTheWorld Report.

The Center for Cultural Enrichment (CCE) at the University of Wisconsin-Madison is warning students that if your Halloween costume is funny, it’s more than likely that you’re exploiting oppressed people.

That message, along with other suggestions about avoiding “cultural appropriation,” was posted on fliers around campus in the previous few days. It was first reported by iOTW Report.

Sheets of paper were put up in different buildings at the college titled, “Does my Halloween Costume Promote Cultural Appropriation?” It asks questions about your Halloween costume, then answers how that could be oppressing people:

“Is your costume racially, ethnically, or culturally based?” the sheet asks. “If it is, then it’s probably racist and may promote appropriation,” it answers [emphasis theirs].

The CCE also claims that you are likely exploiting the oppressed if you wear a funny Halloween costume because, “A harsh majority of humorous or erotic costumes are of marginalized and oppressed groups of people.”

Halloween, the flier concludes, is not a “day of exception” where you get to dress up like someone you’re not.

The University of Wisconsin is also planning an event to warn students about cultural appropriation on October 26:

8 Responses to The newest microaggression: Halloween costumes

  1. I have come to the conclusion Liberals are the original party poopers. They just don’t like people dressing the way they want and has to put a damper on what to wear.

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    • If all they did was waste time and energy looking for ways to be offended, I wouldn’t care; if they want to be perpetually offended, that’s their right. But then they want to ruin life for everyone else, too. It offends them that you aren’t offended by all the things that offend them, so your behavior has to be criminalized.

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      • Zip-a-Dee says:

        The way they think is ‘odd and strange’. I read an article how this social culture today is ‘conditioning’ people to be totalitarianism centered & narcissistic. And that what we’re seeing. A group that think they’re better, smarter and controllers.

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  2. Citizen Tom says:

    Anyone who spends his time looking for offense will find something offensive.

    I suppose that is why some people dress like vampires, zombies, demons, and so forth. The clothing is in character.

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