Son of a preacher man

Pastor Fred thought it was time for his son Chad to begin thinking about what he wanted to do with his life, but Chad didn’t seem to have any interest in the subject.

One day while Chad was at school, Pastor Fred went into his son’s bedroom and left four things on the desk: a Bible, a twenty-dollar bill, a bottle of whiskey, and a copy of Playboy. Then he hid behind the closet door to see what would happen.

“If he picks up the Bible, that means he’s going to be a minister,” Pastor Fred thought. “If he picks up the money, that means he’s going to be a businessman. If he picks up the bottle, that means he’s going to be a drunk. If he picks up the magazine, that means he’s going to be a womanizer.”

When Chad entered the room, he saw the things his father had left on his desk and went to check them out. After a quick examination, he picked up the Bible and tucked it under his arm, took the twenty-dollar bill and put it in his pocket, and uncorked the bottle and took a swig of whiskey. Then he opened the magazine and checked out the centerfold.

“Lord have mercy!” Pastor Fred thought to himself in dismay. “He’s going to run for Congress!”

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