Happy Caturday — weight watchers edition

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  1. Adrienne says:

    Those poor kittehs. They are going to have a drastically reduced life span.

    I have the opposite problem with my little Erica. She’s very small and only weighs 6 pounds on her “fat” days. She’s not underweight, she’s just small, but I do try to keep her well fed since she has nothing to spare.

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    • All of my grandcats have their food strictly rationed, because there are several who would eat themselves to an early death if given the opportunity. I think they might have PTSD from almost starving to death as kittens (they were all rescues).


  2. Adrienne says:

    Very often when cats or dogs are almost starved as babies they react like that. I had a Yorkie that was like that.

    Even though Erica picked us as her forever family and was a rack of bones when showed up, she can self feed her dry food without overeating. When it comes to her wet food, she is super picky. Yesterday I had FOUR different cans of food open until she found one to her liking. Arrrrrgh!

    Erica is very pretty – even the vet thinks so. And….she is very well behaved at the vet, which he says is very unusual for a tortie. Now – getting her into her carrier is a far different story.

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    • I’ve had cats in the past who I could let feed themselves — I’d fill the kitty feeder with dry food, and let them eat whenever they felt like it — with no problems. It’s impossible nowadays with Oscar and Figaro and Pumpkin in the house; they would just keep eating until they exploded.


  3. Rosemaryflower says:

    My sister has two very very very fat cats. They run loose in the neighborhood and man they are thick and tubby.

    I have two cornish rex kittyboys, not litter mates
    Miles the 8 pound red mackerel tabby- would certainly eat himself into a big fat orange pumpkin, but he gets his crunchies at night in his own room (he is a mischief maker) and gobbles them down. During the day he gets wet food that he either loves or hates. If he loves it, he will eat it like a machine. He is not tubby, but bigger in size.
    Pierro is my little 6 pound fine boned cornish rex. He is adorable. He needs to be monitored so he eats enough.
    Pierro nibbles and savors every bite. so funny.
    They do not go outside…. they would not last a day.

    These are funny photos, but yeah, kind of sad, it is almost like animal abuse and thinking about that makes me want to cry.
    I like the “round is a shape” one the best

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    • I switched veterinarians years ago because I got tired of the old vet constantly lecturing me about my cats being overweight. None of my cats was actually fat, although a couple of them were a little on the plump side… and all of them were perfectly healthy… but the vet believed that all cats should be skinny. She scolded me and hectored me about how I should be exercising my cats so they wouldn’t be so chunky. She gave me some mind-bogglingly silly suggestions for ways to exercise them, and it was all I could do to keep a straight face until I got out of her office. Suffice it to say that none of my kitties would have fallen for any of her ideas. I finally stopped going to her and found a vet who wasn’t quite so obsessed with my cats’ waistlines.


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