Eight things that work better than “thoughts and prayers”

From The People’s Cube.

Every time we suffer the consequences of climate change and hateful GOP rhetoric, Republicans always respond by offering “thoughts and prayers.” The Party has decreed that Thoughts and Prayers do not address the problem, and only highlights how little Republicans care about anything. 

So what does work more effectively than Thoughts and Prayers? Presented below, for your consideration, are just a few of The Party’s tried and true methods for showing how much more we care than they do.

1. Awareness Ribbons: 
Wearing an Awareness Ribbon shows everyone how much you care. When you see someone wearing an Awareness Ribbon, you know they care. Awareness Ribbons come in different colors for different issues. Don’t know what issue a certain color signifies? Ask the wearer, and they’ll tell you! Just like that, you’ll be aware of the issue! 

2. [Insert Issue Here] Strong Wristbands: 
They’re just like Awareness Ribbons, only you wear them on your wrists. You can’t wear Thoughts and Prayers on your wrist. 

3. Avatar/Profile Pic Filters: 
Also like Awareness Ribbons. Slap on one of these and every time you post something somewhere, people will know how much you care about whatever issue the filter represents. Ever seen an avatar or profile pic tinted with a Thought or Prayer? Me neither. 

4. Slogans:
Great for putting on banners and chanting at rallies. You can’t do that with thoughts or prayers—except with the words themselves, e.g.: THOUGHTS AND PRAYERS! THEY DON’T WORK! or GOD CAN’T FIX IT! THEN WHO CAN? GOVERNMENT! GOVERNMENT! 

5. #Hashtags: 
Come up with a slogan, any slogan, then turn it into a hashtag that you and your comrades can tweet and retweet again and again and again! 

6. Selfies: 
Take a picture of yourself holding up a piece of paper with your slogan/hashtag on it. The State Department does this all the time. You’ll notice they never pray, and neither their spokespersons nor John Kerry ever offer anything that comes close to a thought. 

7. White House Summits: 
In which Obama invites a whole bunch of people to the Executive Mansion for one day to talk about the issue at hand. They sit at long tables arranged in a square and they talk. Sometimes they split into smaller “breakout sessions” where they crack jokes (e.g. “shovel ready wasn’t as shovel ready as we thought”) about how this whole thing is a stupid waste of time and would be greatly improved if only there were real dogs and ponies in attendance. But at least it looks as if they’re doing something more than if they just offered “thoughts and prayers.” 

8. Global Conferences: 
Like WH summits, but on an international scale. Especially popular when it comes to raising awareness of Climate Change. Always held in glamorous locales like Paris, because it’s so bright and shiny and sparkly that who notices nothing is really accomplished?

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  1. Tricia says:

    I read David French’s article last night and was just infuriated by this assault on thoughts and prayers. We’ve really sunk to a new level of rot I think, we’ll see how plays. Thoughts and prayers for a good outcome. 😉

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  2. […] Eight things that work better than “thoughts and prayers” […]

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  3. Alec says:

    My thoughts are with them!

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