Happy Caturday

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  1. Zip-a-Dee says:

    Very good! Frustrating, but good 🙂 That’ll teach them to cook the bird at night!
    I’m just glad I don’t have Mog for a cat!!!

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    • Some of my grandcats are rather naughty, but they are downright angelic compared with Mog. I’ve never had anything even remotely resembling that kind of feline-caused destruction in my house. (When our house was destroyed, it was the result of a sewer backup, which could hardly be blamed on the kitties.)

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      • Zip-a-Dee says:

        Hah, hah, yes the sewer backup, not the kitties’ fault but I could see it as Mog’s if there!
        I mistakenly noted that the people were cooking their bird at night … wrong about that – they just had it in the oven – but still not a smart thing to do. Leaving it in the oven for hours … maybe it was frozen. I passed the vid along for others to enjoy! Thanks!

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