President unveils ObamaCAIR

From The Barbed Wire.

WASHINGTON (The Barbed Wire) – Following his “Please Pardon the Muslims” speech last week, in which Mr. Obama vowed not to change a thing in his imaginary war with ISIS, the president announced his latest, government-mandated program. In conjunction with the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), Obama, using his favorite tools, his pen and his phone, has issued an executive order to institute his Muslim Protection Program, also called ObamaCAIR.

ObamaCAIR insures that all Muslims are protected from harmful words, profiling, and hurt feelings. States are being asked to set up ObamaCAIR exchanges where navigators would ensure that all Muslims can report any American who is in any way disrespectful of them, or their religion of peace.

“I care about defeating ISIS,” the president said in a statement, “It’s just that I care more about not offending anyone who practices Islam. The same rules still apply under ObamaCAIR – ‘If you see something, say something, but keep it politically correct.’ My new program commands that Americans are only allowed to profile a Muslim AFTER they have carried out an attack of workplace or gun violence.”

The president also asked anyone who is planning a lone-wolf style attack to please wait until after he leaves office in early 2017. “I know this might inconvenience some out there, but it would really save me a lot of headaches. You have no idea,” he said.

CAIR will act as the watchdog for ObamaCAIR, and will be the first to scream if a Muslim is even looked at the wrong way.

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  1. Bluebird! Hi! Life… got busy… and I had to neglect most of my usual haunts for a while, including BoBblog. So, skipping the comments, I just marched through the posts since October. Lots of fun. Going to try to stay caught up again. Even though life is still… busy.


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  3. Citizen Tom says:

    Too too close to the real truth.

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