Happy first day of winter

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  1. Thomas says:

    The best thing about the first day of winter is that the hours of daylight begin to increase.

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  2. Linda Lee says:

    Gorgeous pictures. We live near a migration trap — I think that’s what bird watchers call it? Plus we have a huge tree in our back yard, probably the tallest tree in town. So we get birds the likes of which I had never seen before we moved here.

    I should get a better camera and take pictures. But first I need to finish writing my book.

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  3. luckyotter says:

    Great photos! I see Grumpy Bluebird there too. 🙂 Happy first day of winter to you too.

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  4. Larry Geiger says:

    Yes, December 21 is a good day.

    Your family looks well fed and perky. Ready for the challenging months of winter.

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  5. Northwest OH, here. Yesterday it was 62 – we had a severe thunderstorm with lightning. Today, tomr, and Sat, supposed to be around 50.

    Can someone please send me some winter weather for my winter season??? 🙂

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