Some beautiful music for Sunday

“Ständchen” was one of the last compositions of the prolific but short-lived Franz Peter Schubert, whose 219th birthday is today. Although composed for piano and vocal soloist, it has been transcribed for many different instruments and instrumental ensembles. This setting for piano and flute is especially beautiful.

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  2. I find this song haunting and magnificent.

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  3. Zip-a-Dee says:

    Neat one and interesting tune. It struck me how the flute seems to be a strange held instrument, held to the side like that rather than straight out like most ‘mouth instruments. Maybe it was just the way he was playing it, moving and such, but consider, how the mouth piece is hardly pressed against the lip – how can it be the way the arms and hands are stretched out like they are. Never noticed that before – I hope this doesn’t sound too strange! It’s a beautiful sounding instrument and he played it very well – the angle just stood out to me for some reason.

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