Happy birthday, Ola

It’s the birthday of pianist and composer Ola Gjeilo, born in Norway in 1978. He earned his bachelor’s degree in composition from the Royal Academy of Music in London and his master’s in composition from the Juilliard School. Here is his choral setting of a poem by Emily Brontë, performed by the Singing Statesmen at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire.

Shall earth no more inspire thee,
Thou lonely dreamer now?
Since passion may not fire thee
Shall Nature cease to bow?

Thy mind is ever moving
In regions dark to thee;
Recall its useless roving—
Come back and dwell with me

3 Responses to Happy birthday, Ola

  1. lorigreer says:

    Incredibly lovely. Thank you for brightening my day with this music and introduction to a composer whom I did not know.

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  2. This sent me jumping over to read the Bronte poem. It is glorious; now I’ll be chewing on whether or not it is heretical 🙂 Speaking of glorious—that music! So soothing, yet there was that intensity…
    Oh, and the Thought of the Day is perfect.

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  3. Happy Birthday to him. Beautiful music. 🙂 — Suzanne

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