Friday happy dance

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    Take four minutes of your busy day and watch FRIDAY being celebrated all over the world 👍😃

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  2. This is something else. Can’t imagine the logistics of filming, gathering, putting it all together. Personally I don’t gravitate toward “pretty” songs and would have preferred something livelier and more energetic. But I suppose whoever worked like a crazy person on this has dibs on music choice 🙂

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  3. Adrienne says:

    Matt is, without a doubt, about the clumsiest person to ever embark on dancing around the world, but he’s so much fun to watch.

    Happy Friday, BB.

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    • He’s one of those vanishingly rare people who can dance like no one’s watching even when he knows very well that thousands of people are watching. I admire (and envy) his fearlessness and his irrepressible joie de vivre, not to mention his amazing stamina.

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    We’re going to Trip the Light…..~~dru~~

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  5. Love it. Through music and dance, we can have peace, can’t we?

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  6. Merillion says:

    Fun to look at this. One piece of music fits all? Amazing!

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