Beer run

If you’re familiar with the music of Carl Orff, you know that he wrote some great drinking songs… so he would probably approve of this rather imaginative adaptation of his “O Fortuna”:

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    An ad that could turn tee totalers into drunkards. Brilliant!

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  2. I’m not familiar with any other of Orff’s work than Camina Burana; to which I once won two seats for two different concert venues in So.CA in one week and went to both, BUT I love this song and love this presentation. Thank you BB for making my day. ~~dru~~

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    • My introduction to Carl Orff came when I joined a community choir back in 1978 and Carmina Burana was on the program for our fall concert. I’d sung in choirs many times before, but I don’t think I’d ever been part of anything that was as much fun to sing as Carmina Burana, and just about everyone else in the choir felt the same way. Judging from the audience’s response, I’d have to say they enjoyed it thoroughly, but there is no way they could have been having more fun than we were.


  3. Saloni says:

    Haha. Love your blog!

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