Bibliophile humor

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  1. sepultura13 says:

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    LOL – these are pretty good! I can relate…

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  2. Thomas says:

    I buy a lot of Kindle books because they’re often a lot less expensive than paperbacks or hardcover books. But reading a Kindle book is like getting nutrition from a pill — it’s not the real thing.

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  3. This is me, and my husband. We have books stacked everywhere.

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    • So do we. When we were newlyweds with no money, we made makeshift bookshelves with bricks and boards. Later on, my husband nailed together a few simple bookcases… but we never seemed to have enough shelf space. Now we have an adult son who loves to build things, so we hired him to build us a bunch of really nice bookcases. We just got done moving all of the bookcases and most of the books into the spare room, which is going to be our library now that it’s no longer needed as a bedroom. Once I get all the books organized on the shelves — a daunting task, considering the size of our collection — my plan is to get a nice comfortable reclining chair and a floor lamp for the one corner of the room not occupied by shelves. Then my little haven will be complete. 🙂


  4. Citizen Tom says:

    I listen to books on tape these days on the drive to and from work. Makes my lady happy. I don’t buy books and stack the up.

    Funny thing is my lady wants me to retire. I don’t think she understands that means I will be reading books instead of listening to them.

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  5. The thesaurus meme is classic! As an English teacher, I find it very difficult to bring book-related humor into my classroom (that any of my apathetic students would understand… I bet it’d affect 12% of them, though). Good stuff for word buffs!

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