Senior moment

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  1. WHOA – That’s the Entrance Sign, but where are the EXIT & TOILET Signs? 😱🙀😳

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  2. Just how old are those old people for goodness sake? 😀 — Suzanne

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  3. Eileen says:

    Every day’s a corn maze for me. Where did I hide the butter? my glasses…..the newspaper………How did I end up in the wrong lane too late to turn? These darn stores keeping moving things around.
    Loved this photo. Did laugh out loud and shared on face book.

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    • I hear you about the stores rearranging stuff all the time — it’s one of my pet peeves. When I shop, I want to get in there, get what I came for, pay for it, and get back out again as expeditiously as possible. I’m in no mood for a game of hide and seek.


  4. The señor moments are great. Not that I’m old, yet, but could be any decade now… *cough*

    Below the “maze” was a link to a previous “Senior Moment” from 2011 which I’d never read… or have forgotten. Funny.

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    • I had a señor moment a week or two ago, when I went to see a production of “Into the Woods” that a couple of my friends were in. When I looked at the ticket prices, I thought about asking for the senior discount, even though I’m a mere youngster of 62 and you’re supposed to be 64 or older to qualify for the discount. I mean, what were they gonna do — ask to see my driver’s license? But then I thought better of it, and was prepared to pay the higher price for the regular adult ticket, just to prevent my conscience keeping me awake at night. When I got to the head of the line, the lady who was selling tickets took one look at me and gave me the discount without even asking my age… confirming my suspicions that I really don’t look my age, I look even older. 😦


  5. Will S. says:

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    LOL! 🙂

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