Sixty-eight years ago today

(N.B: I’m aware that the photograph above was taken on November 4, 1948, not November 2. The election that all the pollsters and prognosticators had predicted incorrectly, and most news outlets reported incorrectly, is what happened on the 2nd. I mention this to forestall snarky comments from readers eager to correct my mistake.)

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  1. I wonder… can anything good come out of this election?

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  2. Snarky comments? Surely not from your readers…. But I know what you mean. There is always someone who is ready (or not) to pounce….

    Thank you for sharing this bit of history. A great reminder that we don’t know anything.

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  3. Will S. says:

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    The Brexit vote also showed how wrong prognosticators may be; it ain’t over till Adele sings. 😉

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