Friday happy dance

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  1. That was great. 🙂 — Suzanne

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    BBNEVER fails to delight me! Happy Friday to you all and DANCE like no one is watching. ~~dru~~

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  3. I love flash mobs!!!! I can’t sing or dance, but I always wanted to be part of one – or many!

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  5. I generally greatly enjoy fun flashmobs. I especially like the way kids and couples and older folks react to a flash mob, don’t you?

    About this Carson School of Management flash mob video: It was well produced. Great set-up, good camera work, nice vocals and dance coordination. But, I couldn’t help noticing something missing from all that “Holiday” celebration.

    What do they sing in this one? Just “Deck the Halls.” The last scene shows a big banner “Diversity in the Workplace.” (Yeah, “diversity,” the applied meaning of which in effect is sadly ironic, or course.) And the final frame? “Happy Holidays.”

    Well, I won’t begrudge anybody their enjoyment of a secular “Xmas.” Jingle Bells and Christmas Trees and Mommy Kissing Santa Claus, but… but… I was inspired to spend a couple of hours tracking down spiritually inspiring Christmas flash mobs. I made a playlist.

    Christmas Best Flash Mobs playlist

    (I may have snuck in a few not-exactly-Christmas bits, like Amazing Grace and Ode to Joy…)

    This is what life in Heaven will be like. In a life to come, we will all have perfect voices, and perfect pitch and rhythm, so that we can fully express our joy and thankfulness. We will spontaneously burst out in songs of praise and joy reverberating in the halls on high.

    Meanwhile, you’re at the train station, or the mall, an airport, or a hospital, or just out and about, in New York, or Korea, or even Oklahoma, and suddenly folks start singing “Joy to the World” or “Silent Night” or “Come All Ye Faithful…” Even when it’s not pitch-perfect or always on the beat, it can be Heavenly on Earth.

    You might want to make sure you have a soft hanky (or two) handy. Tissues can be scratchy after enough of them.

    Thanks for the inspiration, bluebird.

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    • Thanks for the playlist, mindful — I look forward to watching them.

      I chose this particular video for happy dance Friday primarily because the participants actually, you know, danced. It’s a rare Christmas-themed flash mob that actually includes dancing. Most of the time they’re just singing, which is great, but not quite what I need for happy dance Friday.

      My favorite Christmas flash mob of all time is this one, which I’ve posted several times, and never get tired of. This one is also wonderful.


      • bob: [i]…Most of the time they’re just singing, which is great, but not quite what I need for happy dance Friday.…[/i]

        Oh, understood. I hope my response-playlist and comment weren’t taken as critical of your dance mob selection (which Milady & I just watched again).

        I did include your “favorite” in my playlist, and I saw but did not include the USAF one – don’t know why I didn’t, except, maybe, my eyes were worn out by that time. 😀

        Here’s a fun secular-Christmas dance mob I didn’t include – in case you haven’t seen it.

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