Camouflage experts

The ability to blend into one’s surroundings can be advantageous to animals in the wild. For domestic pets, it mostly just increases one’s chances of being sat on (or stepped on).

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  1. Tricia says:

    So cute and funny!

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  2. That would be hazardous. 😀 — Suzanne

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  3. Rae Longest says:

    My goodness! Where IS Waldo?

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  4. Our black cat seeks black surfaces to lie on, like the insulated tote bag that’s all black. All you can see sometimes are those yellow eyes. Which is a strange thing to see on a tote bag.

    The yellow kitty, OTOH, likes it when we have the yellow bedspread on the bed. Not quite invisible, but they are almost the same color.

    Great collection of pix, as ever, bob. ♥

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    • There are two theories about interior decoration for pet owners. One is that your carpeting and upholstery should match your pets, so their shedding won’t show; the other is that they should contrast, so you won’t always be stepping on, tripping over, or sitting on your pets. I’ve tried both ways and neither one works.


      • As for sitting or stepping on pets, they don’t even have to be camouflaged. This morning, Milady got up to get her coffee out of the microwave, and just as she’s sitting back down, black cat jumps on her chair. Everyone survived, barely, and no coffee hit her computer.

        Our theory of interior decoration for pets is, cover everything with cloth. Replace & wash regularly. 😀

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