Happy V-E Day

TRIGGER WARNING: This little propaganda film was made in the 1940s, before the invention of political correctness. Watch at your own risk.

5 Responses to Happy V-E Day

  1. Ha!! A trip down memory lane, indeed. 🙂

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  2. It just goes to show that Disney has always been politically correct in its time.

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  3. eh, old Walt liked Hitler til the declaration of war. I like Daffy the Commando from 1943 better (Schuuuullltz!). And Hitler at the end–HA!

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  4. I vaguely remember having seen an excerpt of the cartoon long ago. While there are some details that are out of bounds today, I was struck by how many details were clever, funny, and pointed.

    I don’t recall that the excerpt I saw included Donald waking up in America. Wish I could wake up in America from the dream of being in Trumpistan.

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