Happy birthday, Irving

Here’s a song in honor of the birthday of Irving Berlin (1888-1989), and if you recognize all or even most of the performers, that can mean only one thing: you’re at least as old as I am.

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  1. I recognized far too many of those performers. 😀 — Suzanne

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  2. Reblogged this on saywhatumean2say and commented:
    If we ever needed this blessing, we need it now!

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  3. GP Cox says:

    I still get teary-eyed, even at my age!

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  4. larrygeiger says:

    I’m old. Here’s my cut:
    John Wayne
    Glen Campbell
    Michael Landon
    Indian – Johanathan Winters?
    Harry Bellafonte
    Bob Hope
    Lorne Greene and some guys
    Jack Benny
    Some Girl
    Wagon people?
    Dean Martin
    Red Skelton
    Tommy Smothers
    Two guys??
    Johnny Cash
    Roy Clark
    A lady??
    Guy in a bar??
    Minnie Pearl?
    Guy with hair?
    Bing Crosby
    Lucille Ball
    Dickie and Tommy Smothers
    John Wayne

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    • Very good! There were a few I couldn’t quite place, although their faces were certainly familiar. My best guesses:
      Indian at 0:28 — Dan Blocker
      Lady at 0:44 — Ann Margaret
      Two guys at 1:12 — David and Ricky Nelson
      Bartender at 1:28 — Ed McMahon
      Lady at 1:30 — Phyllis Diller
      Two guys at 1:46 — Dan Rowan and Dick Martin


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