Some beautiful music for Sunday

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  1. Beautiful. —- Suzanne

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  3. Sitting on my mom’s porch, listening to birds chirping and the Mormon choir. What an amazing age.

    Today I’ll get to hang out with my three favorite moms.

    My daughter’s baby didn’t make it to birth, but it was loved and wanted, and I say she qualified as a mom, in the hardest way.

    Milady Webworker, of course, mother of our daughter and of the totally unlike each other fraternal twin boys.

    And my own mom; so glad she’s still around – and getting around, if slowly – at almost 97. She has four of her five still alive (lost my oldest sib to cancer and med malpractice last year), ten grandkids, and so far seven great-grandkids, eight, actually, counting our son’s boy due in August – first Mom’s day for his should-soon-be-wife. 😉

    Moms – they do all the work and get one day of credit!

    Happy Mom’s Day, bob!

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    • So glad you still have your mother here and can celebrate with her. 🙂

      I also have one grandchild in heaven, and one here on earth to keep my life interesting. He, his mum, and my son will be taking me out for pizza later today. I already celebrated on my own by having chocolate mocha ice cream for lunch. (I love chocolate, but it gives me terrible insomnia, so I can’t have it unless I eat it early in the day.)

      Tomorrow my daughter, my grandson, and I are going to take our annual excursion to the greenhouse to buy flowers for the garden. My grandson LOVES flowers and gardening. Yesterday while his mum was out doing other stuff, he and I were out in the yard picking violets for him to give her for Mother’s Day. I rehearsed him over and over, teaching him to say “Happy Mother’s Day,” but when the time came, he just started giggling and couldn’t say it. It was totally adorable, of course. It’s nice when they’re only two years old and pretty much everything they say or do is cute. 🙂

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  4. Beautiful just beautiful. “HE” and I are going to his church next Sunday to listen to a concert but it is Belshazzar’s Feast and not anything as beautiful as this. THANK YOU Bob. ~~dru~~

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