Bluebird flies the coop

The bluebird of bitterness will be heading south for a few days to visit friends and family. Blogging will resume sometime next week.

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  1. Wyldkat says:

    Safe Journeys. 🙂

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  2. says:

    Have fun😀

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  3. I read the title on this and I started to panic!! Nooooooo!! Don’t ever stop posting!!

    Then I read your post. Whew!! It’s just a vacation, you are coming back! Yaaaaaaay! Have fun!

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  4. Wishing you a GREAT time, BlueBird 😀

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  5. Have a safe and happy trip. 🙂 — Suzanne

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  6. Thomas says:

    Be prepared. It’s hot down here … no, not there … in the South.

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  7. Have a good flight, Bluebird, a safe and happy trip!

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  8. Lulu says:

    Bye-bye Bluebird. Missing you already.

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  9. Awesome. have a good time.

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  10. Larry Geiger says:

    Florida? No, not now. Come in February or March. That’s what the south is for. Visiting from January to April.

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  11. […] Bluebird flies the coop […]

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  12. Citizen Tom says:

    In this weather? Hope it cools off. Have fun!!

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  13. Bluebird is still gone? I don’t think I can handle the withdrawals. How ’bout you? Here’s some “while the bluebird’s away” tide-me-overs.

    Posted as links – I hope this means this comment won’t get spam-filed.

    Friday Dance (warning: partial nudity) 🙂

    Caturday funny with bonus dancing (obnoxious but mercifully short music track)

    Some not-so-beautiful music for a Sunday morning (warning: my work)

    Heck, this stuff is easy.

    Orrr… maybe Bluebird just makes it seem easy. 😀

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    • Sorry you were trapped in the filter for so long; even one link, hyper or otherwise, sends a comment into moderation. I could set it higher, but that would damage my reputation as a control freak. 🙂


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