Bored of education — traffic court edition

In the traffic court of a large city, a woman was brought before a rather tired-looking judge to answer for a ticket she’d received for running a red light. She informed the judge that she was a schoolteacher and requested an immediate dismissal of her case so she could get to school on time. 

The judge brightened up immediately. “I’ve waited for years to have a schoolteacher in this court,” he said. “Now sit down at that table, and write ‘I drove through a red light’ five hundred times.”

14 Responses to Bored of education — traffic court edition

  1. Mike says:

    It’s way worse when you have to do it on the board.

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  2. Jail Guy says:

    Good Lesson ???

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  3. Ha, ha. That seems justified. 😀 — Suzanne

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  4. floridaborne says:

    Good one!

    There is not a single one of us who hasn’t had to write something 50 or 100 times. She’s getting off easy with only 500. 🙂

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  5. […] Bored of education — traffic court edition […]

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  6. Will S. says:

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  7. Citizen Tom says:

    Well, it is not unusual punishment.

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