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  1. Religious humor is a delicate art. I think all these were tastefully hilarious.

    For all the bad press he’s had heaped upon him, I expect the once-and-forever Son of Man Jesus Christ must have a good senska humour ’bout many jokes we tell on him. Like him holding up the bread and fishes, and the crowd complaining about gluten and mercury. Anyway, we ain’t been lightning-smitten yet.

    Actually, when I first read the Gospels through for myself, one thing that really endeared me to Jesus was his sense of humor. It was subtle, wry, always to the point, and current then or now. His Establishment interrogators would be flummoxed into silence while the commoners chortled at the profound but simple and obvious answers he’d give.

    “You’d get your sheep out of the ditch on the Sabbath, right?” (Crowd smiles, Pharisees cringe.)

    Krishna, Buddha, and Jesus walk into a bar…

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    • Religious humor can be tricky. There’s loads of it available, but most of it is mediocre at best and much of it is completely tasteless, so it’s a challenge to find things that are both funny AND suitable for a blog with a PG rating.

      As for God having a sense of humor, I recall many years ago hearing someone offer the existence of frogs as proof of it. At least I think it was frogs. Or was it giraffes? Shoot, now I’m not sure which it was. It might just as easily have been penguins — they always make me laugh.

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  2. Yvonne says:

    There should be a “raucous laughter” button to push!

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    These made me laugh so loud I frightened the dog

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  4. Dawn Marie says:

    🙈Oh. My. Godness.

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