You have been warned

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  1. Jan Hawke says:

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    It’s cold, wet, raining like mad and my connection’s on and off like a demented Mad Hatter… enjoy these crazy cautions instead! 😛
    The coffee shop & the traffic lights have me roflmao… 😉

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    Ha, ha. 😀 — Suzanne

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  3. He. He. “No swimming if you can’t swim”…These are hilarious.

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  4. Do Not Swallow – with illustration. 😆

    Street signs pic looks ‘shopped to me – left & right side posts pasted in. Funny, though. There are real places with worse than that. I especially liked the little blue unreadable sign, imagining it to have some vital warning.

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  5. bobcabkings says:

    I especially like the one about unattended children. FOFL

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  6. floridaborne says:

    Funny! I especially loved the road signs

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  7. bobnailor says:

    The hanger picture always makes me wonder who out there thinks “I bet I could swallow that” and needs to be warned not to attempt it. I saw a coat with a warning sign that read “Wear with arms in sleeves; otherwise coat could smother wearer.” Are people that stupid?

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  8. Scottie says:

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    Some days I have to wonder how the human race survived as long as it has. I wonder how quickly in our early development warnings not to do stupid stuff happened. Maybe when we discovered fire, someone had to be posted at it so people wouldn’t try to sit down in the middle of it? Have good end to the week. Hugs

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    I loved these! Thank you to Blue Bird of Bitterness!

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  10. V.M.Sang says:

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    Just to keep you amused. Why do we need to be warned not to swallow a coathanger?

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    These are some of the craziest signs I’ve EVER seen! 😉 ❤
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    Loving these

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  13. Also just to add Chris from The story reading ape added you into a weekend share I am doing. But I didn’t realise I had reblogged you, but if you want to join in and add another one, I will happily share it. You can find it here (chris is the first comment)

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  14. Cyranny says:

    Hi there…

    I found this post on itsgoodtobecrazysometimes, and I just wanted to say thanks for sharing… My oh my I needed this giggling time!!

    Have a great weekend!! 🙂

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    Thanks so much for making us laugh with these pics, Bluebird of Bitterness. I had a fun time, giggling away the entire time scrolling down.

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