Happy Columbus Day

Columbus sailed the ocean blue
Back in fourteen ninety-two.
He sailed across and spotted land,
A beach, and people on the sand.

He called them Indians because
He had no idea where he was.
India was just a guess.
When in doubt, declare success.

–Ramon Montaigne

There goes the neighborhood.

8 Responses to Happy Columbus Day

  1. Ah he did have an idea where he was thus Indians. He knew how far the east was from Italy by Marco Polo’s writings of 300 years earlier. The Greeks noticed the arc on the horizon from the mountains looking out to see. They knew the length of the arc and multiplied the arcs to complete a circle and guess the circumference 66% accurately. He knew that too and certainly knew of Iceland and Greenland in the west. The other third (North and South America) completes the circle . So if the earth was 1/3 smaller he would be in India

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    • The whole reason Columbus kept getting refused a sponsor was because informed sailors and others could tell Chris didn’t really have the girth of the planet right. He had to find someone who didn’t know the science.

      His crew was near mutiny when they stumbled across the Western Hemisphere. Which was fortunate. If they hadn’t hit land, they would’ve all died from starvation. They certainly could never have made India.

      CC lived and died never really knowing he’d made the most fortuitous journey in history.

      Sorry about the cultural conflict thing, a historic tragedy. However, every AmerIndian with a house, flush toilet, tv, cell, and car can thank Columbus today.

      And if it hadn’t been for Columbus’s ignorance, we would not today have the amusement of differentiating “dot or feather?”

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  2. Will S. says:

    Happy Columbus Day, BoB! 🙂

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  3. I love the part, “When in doubt declare success”. 😀 — Suzanne

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