Sunday musical offering

Sweet rivers of redeeming love
Lie just before my eyes,
Had I the pinions of a dove,
I’d to those rivers fly.
I’d rise superior to my pain,
With joy outstrip the wind;
I’d cross cold Jordan’s stormy waves,
And leave the world behind.

A few more days or years at most
My troubles will be o’er;
I hope to join the heavenly host
On Canaan’s happy shore.
My raptured soul shall drink and feast
In love’s unbounded sea,
The glorious hope of endless rest
Is ravishing to me.

O come, my Savior, come away, 
And bear me through the sky; 
Nor let Thy chariot wheels delay, 
But quickly draw Thou nigh. 
Then I shall join the angel throng 
And circle round Thy throne; 
I’ll sing through all the ages long, 
And joy to be Thine own.

10 Responses to Sunday musical offering

  1. Just beautiful. 🙂 — Suzanne

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  2. rednig says:

    A personal favorite is Victory in Jesus, sung by Lulu Roman. And I’m not even a Country fan (I grew up on a farm, gimme Rock-a-billy 🙂 Thank you for these Sunday posts.

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  3. I love choral music and this is a lovely piece. I also love sacred music, so you’ve scored a win-win with this post, Blue Bird of Bitterness. Something tells me as I get to know you that you aren’t bitter at all. But I won’t tell anyone.

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    • You’ve guessed my not-so-secret secret. I’m really not very bitter, at least not most of the time. Of course, I’m also not a male bluebird, or any kind of bluebird, or male for that matter, so it’s all just part of my schtick. A lot of my humor is pretty snarky, but “bluebird of snarkiness” just doesn’t sound as good. And even a bitter bluebird needs a day of rest; hence the Sunday musical offerings. 🙂

      I’m a huge fan of choral music and sacred music as well, as you’ve no doubt noticed. The problem I have each week is choosing which piece to use, because there is a positive embarrassment of riches available. I can (and often do) spend hours just going through all the good stuff I have in reserve, trying to make up my mind which one to post that week. 🙂

      Shawn Kirchner, who composed the arrangement above, is someone I discovered only recently and fell in love with immediately. If you’d like to hear more of his arrangements, you can click here.

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      • Since we are revealing secrets, I have to admit I’m not really shallow. And I have sung in several choral groups so have experienced the thrill of choral music first hand. I will check out Shawn Kirchner’s work. Sounds like you have a great time choosing the piece for Sunday’s day of rest. I think I detect a Christian background in your secret life, too, is that right?

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        • I am a Christian, yes. Not a very good one sometimes, but a Christian nonetheless. 🙂

          I sang in choirs for many years and loved it, but now I just go to choir concerts whenever I can. Luckily for me, there are a lot of good choirs nearby to satisfy my addiction, and the rest of the time, there’s iTunes and YouTube.

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          • I am a Christian, too, and always have a long way to go on that progress toward perfection, but always striving. It’s nice to connect with another Christian humor writer who loves choral music. I need to write about my love of it. I haven’t done that, and I love your Sunday music post.

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