Caturday funnies

While having lunch at a sidewalk cafe, an antique art collector noticed a scruffy-looking cat lapping up milk from a saucer. The collector realized with a start that the saucer was a rare and valuable piece. Trying to act nonchalant, he went to the cafe owner and asked if the cat was his.

“She’s just a stray,” said the owner. “I gave her some milk because I felt sorry for her.”

“I’ll give you five dollars for her,” said the collector.

“What do you want with that mangy thing?” said the owner.

“I have a soft spot in my heart for homeless animals.”

“A soft spot in your head is more like it.”

The collector saw that the owner needed some cajoling. “Oh, come on,” he said, taking out his wallet. “Tell you what — I’ll give you ten dollars.”

“It’s a deal,” said the owner, and pocketed the money. 

“I’m sure you won’t mind throwing in the saucer,” said the collector. “The cat seems to like it so much.” 

“Hell no,” said the owner. “That’s my lucky saucer. Just this week I’ve sold nine cats who were drinking from it.”

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  1. Yvonne says:

    Brilliant. I hope the poor cats were well taken care of by their new owners.

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  2. and i have rescued kittens . . . had to give them good saucers too.

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  3. floridaborne says:

    Bwahahahaha! Oh, man, that’s an eye tearer. 🙂

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  4. rednig says:

    An antique dealer was cruising the hills looking for deals, but they were harder to find. He stopped at a farm, looked the place over and saw an older man splitting wood with an old, old ax.
    “Nope, I can’t sell this ax,” the farmer said. “Why it’s been in the family since Pennsylvania was a colony or the Brits.”
    He offered the farmer a few dollars and was refused. He kept going up till he hit twenty, and the farmer frowned, and slowly handed over the ax. the antique dealer took off with his prize.
    When he was asked why he would sell something that had been part of the family for generations, the farmer said, “Well, truth be known, that ax came north from Philly with my ancestor. We replaced the handle 15 times and the head at least 5 times in all those years.”

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  5. Miss A says:

    Lol fantastic! And oh that pretty little face ..

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  6. *Loooooool!* 😀 That’s really a good one! Thank you for telling.

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