Cattle call

18 Responses to Cattle call

  1. Lady Quixote says:

    Manure happens! Love it!

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  2. Adrienne says:

    I plan on eating some roses today. Yay!

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  3. Dawn Marie says:

    Moo, moo, funny! 😂

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  4. I love this! ‘Bessie’ was the name of the lovable cow I once ’rounded up’ and brought home for milking (as a kid growing up on my grandparents’ farm). ‘Ole Bessie’ had a copper bell ’round her neck… Loved ole Bessie!

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    • I have a black and white grandcat named Bessie. She was a stray that my then-teenage daughter rescued, and she had given her some silly name that didn’t suit her at all. Because of the cat’s Holstein markings, I started calling her Bessie, and the nickname stuck. (So did the cat, who still lives with me even though her rescuer moved out of the house about ten years ago.)


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  6. *Hahahahahaha!* 😀

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