Flower power

A man burst into a flower shop and said, “Quick! I need two potted geraniums!”

“I’m very sorry, sir,” apologized the florist. “We’re all out of geraniums at the moment. How about some lovely African violets?”

“No,” said the customer. “It was geraniums my wife told me to water while she was away.”


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    YEP – Been there, done that, bought the replacements 👍😄😄😄

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  2. My sister used to have me water the plants and feed the fish when she and her husband went out of town.

    I killed by over and under watering, over and under feeding. I just couldn’t win. I never bought any replacements – there wasn’t enough money in the world, lol.

    They no longer have any fish and now my mom waters the plants when they go out of town.

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    • I once had a neighbor kid’s gerbil drop dead on me while I was gerbil-sitting. Gerbils being somewhat interchangeable — at least to my eye — I briefly entertained the idea of running to the pet store and buying another one just like it, but in the end I didn’t. Luckily for me, the kid didn’t have a conniption.

      As for houseplants, I studiously avoid the ones that are known to be fussy about their care. Even so, the mortality rate can be embarrassingly high at times.

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  3. Geraniums have to be one of the sturdiest flowering plants available. How on earth do you kill geraniums, electrocution? 😀 — Suzanne

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