Worst record album covers ever




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  1. John Kraft says:

    To quote the punchline from an old joke :

    “What? And give up Show Business? “

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  2. I am so ecstatic to confirm Iโ€™ve NEVER bought ANY of these records ๐Ÿ˜ฑ

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  3. Thomas Anger says:

    What an amazing collection. “Worst ever” is an understatement. The Faith Tones look like the Monkees in drag.

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  4. Yep, pretty bad all right!

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  5. Sharon Rodriguez says:

    Iโ€™d love to we see what the Faith Tones look like todat๐Ÿ‘ต

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  6. I’ve seen just a couple of these before, including The Faith Tones. With those hairdoos, how could I help but search on them:

    All of the women were trained church musicians, accomplished pianists and organists, and were members of the Lottie Moon Missionary Baptist Church in Winston-Salem NC. Their combined talents, along with their availability, proved to be quite productive. They quickly became a much sought-after group among numerous Southern Baptist churches often lacking in talented or inspirational musical devotionals in the area.

    …the original members of The Faith Tones performed in hundreds of non-denominational churches across the Southeastern and Southern U.S. for the next eight years up until 1972.

    The last known documented performance of The Faith Tones took place on October 26, 1971 during a week-long revival celebration at the Tyro Baptist Church in Lexington, North Carolina.

    I Laugh, Therefore, I AM blog

    And Jesus Use Me is available for a listen.

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  7. […] (inspiration:ย Bluebird of Bitterness) […]

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  8. It’s hard to believe now that girls once wore their hair like those on the bottom album cover. That hair is seriously teased. ๐Ÿ˜€ — Suzanne

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  9. ๐Ÿ˜‚ Do you think there was a Family Band Vol. 2??

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  10. Larry Geiger says:

    You know the Faith Tones could have had normal hair. The girl I took to senior prom showed up with a hairdo like that. Totally did not look like herself. Not sure why she did it. It was all back to normal on Monday morning. The pictures my dad took are scary. I’m not sharing them!

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    • I’m sorry to say that I had one of those teased-up hairdos back in my early teens; they were all the rage at the time.

      I recently listened to an interview with Mary Tyler Moore where she described the hairdo they inflicted on her when she was playing Laura Petrie, and the enormous amount of teasing and hairspray that were required to achieve it. Her description of it was hilarious!

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  11. V.M.Sang says:

    The one that is most disturbing, I think, is Dave Boyer, the man with two faces.

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  12. My greats include Magical Mystery Tour and Sgt Pepper – actually anything Beatles.

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