Advertisements from long, long ago — holiday edition

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  1. Every girl’s dream – Pyrex bowls and an ironing board – perfect 😄😄😄

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  2. I think the Coca-Cola Santa was the best ever. 🙂 — Suzanne

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  3. says:

    Great memories

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  4. Yvonne says:

    “Comfortable” and “ironing” should never be seen in the same sentence!

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  5. Thomas says:

    Shucks, only a B-B gun. I wanted a flame thrower.

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  6. Did you really have to title this collection “long, long ago”? Wouldn’t one “long” have been enough? ‘Cause, you know, BoB, all but a few of those are in my (creak, groan, ha-kaff) lifetime.

    I’m pretty sure the Kodak Christmas one pre-dates me.

    The Daisy ad ran recently on Ace – commenters were admiring the good “gun control” the kids were exhibiting, barrels up, fingers off the triggers. (I believe the phrase used was something like “booger pickers off of the bang switch.” Ace of Spades is so educational.)

    Never heard of Clarks gum. Tender-Mint and Teaberry? Pleeease! Give me Clove (cinnamon) or at least (what was it?) Blackjack (licorice). They get re-released periodically for nostalgic nerds.

    Maybe Clarks was a British thing, like the tell-tale paper Christmas crown the kid is wearing in the Deccacolour ad.

    In any case, the less said about the gay ol’ time Bruce and Matty are having in the Textron ad, the better. And by gay, of course I mean the traditional meaning, not the corruption. NTTAWW.

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  7. My gosh–an aluminum tree? I suddenly have visions of the Peanuts gang….

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    • We had an aluminum tree when I was a little kid. My father, God rest his soul, was allergic to evergreens, and aluminum was our only option. His allergies were also the reason I couldn’t have a cat. When I was finally out on my own, the two things I was most excited about were getting a cat and having a real Christmas tree.

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  8. Larry Geiger says:

    We had several boxes of the Christmas lights just like those. Each year we carefully repacked them into the boxes just as they had come out. And the girl in the Jade East ad. I remember her. Go go boots! What times those were. In Jacksonville we had Gustafson’s milk. We never got Borden products.

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    • I don’t remember what kind we had at home (it was delivered in glass bottles by a guy in a truck), but at school we had Kraml milk. Does anyone else even remember Kraml milk? My spell checker has certainly never heard of it.


  9. Will S. says:

    “You’ll shoot your eye out!” 😉

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  10. Deb says:

    Oh wow, I remember most of these! Some would be censored today…isn’t that ironic. ☺

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  11. Thank goodness for Elsie the Bordon cow and the Coca Cola Santa. They un-seared my eyeballs from the Jade East girl.

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