It’s the most wonderful time of the year

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  2. Cyranny says:

    Mouahahahahaha I have to remember not to check out your posts while at work! I was silently scrolling down, when I got to the star one, and giggle out loud!

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  3. Went to daughter’s ten thousandth performance in the Nutcracker (kidding – I’ve learned to enjoy it). Actually two, Sat. night and Sun. afternoon.

    As always with live performance, there were a couple of glitches – props and little kids, what could go wrong. With kids, it can be cute. Props, not so much.

    For the performance of “Snow,” they have some snow-dropping thing that sprinkles snowflakes while they dance. Except, you could see a few flakes falling at other times, from the opening party through the finale.

    Daughter says it was snow falling on lights, and when the lights would move, flakes would fall off.

    But, it just made me think of this (and PoliNation) blogs, with the constantly falling “snow.”

    Thought of you while we watched. 😀

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