Happy [cheery, merry, joyful, jocular, gleeful] birthday, Peter

A little bibliophile humor today in honor of the birthday of Peter Mark Roget (1779-1869), author of Roget’s Thesaurus of English Words and Phrases Classified and Arranged so as to Facilitate the Expression of Ideas and Assist in Literary Composition.

12 Responses to Happy [cheery, merry, joyful, jocular, gleeful] birthday, Peter

  1. Adrienne says:

    I used to read under the covers with a flashlight. I guess I thought my mom wasn’t aware of the fact that my bed glowed.

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    • You’re lucky your mother didn’t mind. My mother, who believed with religious fervor in early bedtimes for all children (even the insomniac ones), would never have permitted such shenanigans. My room had to be absolutely dark. I used to lie there wide awake every night, listening to the grandfather clock in the living room chime the hours away.


  2. egorr says:

    Ain’t technology wunnerful? Now I have Books On Tape (okay, .mp3 files…) and I just set the player to shut off after an hour. I’m usually asleep by then. Music, too. …zzzzZZZZZ

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  3. […] via Happy [cheery, merry, joyful, jocular, gleeful] birthday, Peter — bluebird of bitterness […]

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  4. Rather than start with reading the news (real and #fake) as usual, I started my online day here with Bluebird. As befits the first warm morning in several days. And I’m happy, delighted, tickled, amused, and mood-elevated to have done so. 😀

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    Love all of these

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  6. Love my thesaurus! Thanking God for Peter.

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  7. My father rarely spoke; the only words I can ever recall hearing him say, to me, was “Get your bloody head out of that book boy”,

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  8. Really funny. 😀 — Suzanne

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