Happy birthday, Franz

Franz Peter Schubert was born in Vienna on January 31, 1797, and died in the same city 31 years later. Although his life was short, the catalog of his works is not. Somehow in that brief time, he managed to produce more than 1,500 musical compositions. He wrote pieces for solo piano, works for orchestra and chorus, and just about everything in between. His genius shines as brilliantly in his musical miniatures as it does in his grand orchestral works, and it’s easy to see why his music remains popular almost two centuries after his death.

2 Responses to Happy birthday, Franz

  1. egorr says:

    That’s some real foot-tappin’ music, Bluebird.

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  2. Real music , not like the rubbish that the young listen to these days, you can actually walk along and whistle this, and the melody can linger on in your head for hours. Mighty stuff 😀 Thank you

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